About Maimonides Breast Center

The Maimonides Breast Center is Brooklyn’s first and only fully-accredited Breast Center, and includes a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence. It ranks in the top 5% of the nation for breast care, seeing more than 6,800 patient visits per year. Before it opened a decade ago, women in Brooklyn had to travel to multiple locations for breast cancer screenings, diagnosis, treatment and counseling.

Now, the Breast Center makes world-class care available to all under one roof. A division of the award-winning Maimonides Cancer Center, the Breast Center is led by a team of exceptionally skilled physicians and staff, and is housed in a beautiful state-of-the-art facility—reinforcing the spirit of hope and healing, and ensuring patient experiences that are second to none.

Proceeds generated by the 2017 Pink Runway will go toward the Breast Center's purchase of a 3D Mammography System with Tomosynthesis Capacity for Breast Imaging.

The survival rates of women diagnosed with breast cancer are excellent when it's detected at an early stage. Utilizing the most advanced diagnostic and imaging technology enables earlier diagnosis, as well as better targeted therapy, treatment, and follow up.

Tomosynthesis technology uses X-rays to collect multiple images of the breast from several angles, then a computer synthesizes the images to form a 3D image of the breast. Digital mammograms like tomosynthesis allow for more detailed analysis and are more effective at detecting cancer in denser breast tissue.

Early detection is particularly important to women with dense breast tissue as they have a high incident of aggressive breast cancer and the highest breast cancer mortality rate. This 3D system will provide Maimonides with the most current screening and analysis technology for breast imaging studies. It will allow more accurate evaluation of the breast tissue and suspicious mammogram studies, and will greatly improve diagnostic accuracy. In addition, the system will give physicians at the Cancer Center the ability to perform targeted, image-guided biopsies.