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Pink Runway Logo Wed | Nov 02 | 7-10PM | MARQUEE | 289 Tenth Ave | NYC Wed | Nov 02 | 7-10PM | MARQUEE | 289 Tenth Ave | NYC

About Maimonides Breast Center

The Maimonides Breast Center is Brooklyn's only full-service center and is rated among the top 5% nationally for breast care. Up until 10 years ago, women in Brooklyn had to travel to multiple locations to be screened, diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. Now, they have access to world class care, led by some of the most respected physicians in the nation—all under one roof at the Maimonides Breast Center. The Center currently handles over 6,500 patient visits per year.

Dr. Patrick Borgen, Chair of Surgery at Maimonides Medical Center, founded the Maimonides Breast Center in 2006. With nearly 3 million people, Brooklyn was in great need of a multi-disciplinary breast cancer program of its own. Under Dr. Borgen's leadership, the medical center invested heavily in the city's cancer care needs by building an award-winning center with a nationally-recognized medical and surgical team. Prior to Maimonides, Dr. Borgen was the Chief Breast Surgeon at Memorial Sloan Kettering from 1993-2006.

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